Stetsom Elite Alarm

Stetsom Elite Alarm
With a Pvp price of 109 euros VAT included we detail the benefits.

2 years warranty ✔
Long-life battery ✔
CD player on / off ✔
Shaving key ✔
Master key ✔
Electric control locks ✔
Compatible presence of blocking ✔
Connector for backup battery ✔
Anti cloning control ✔
Conventional control ✖
Presence control ✔
Deactivate the alarm with the master key ✔
Temporary ultrasound disconnection ✔
Photo warning for control ✔
Find the function ✔
Valet function ✔
Activate the alarm master key ✔
Ignition control ✖
IP67 (allows immersion in water without damaging the alarm) ✖
Memory for controls ✔
Alloy option and turn off the silence ✔
Alternate arrows flashing (vehicle battery saving) ✔
Automatic reactivation ✔
Travel report ✔
Resistant to electromagnetic interference ✔
Auxiliary output ✔
Accelerometer sensor ✖
Siren loud audible volume Dedicated ✔
Automatic door lock ✔
Integrated anti-theft
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